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Optoma adds short throw projector range to its 515 series

The new fixed lens models come with a throw ratio of 0.8:1 and have an impressive lens shift of up to +25% vertical and 10% horizontal. The combination of the new short throw lens and impressive lens shift, which is unusual in short throw projectors, make these ultra-flexible in installations such as retail, museums, education and the corporate sector.

All 515 projectors come with the added benefit of four corner adjustment. This allows quick and accurate installation - ideal for uneven walls or where a projector placement is tricky and needs to be installed at an angle.

Philip Watt, Product Manager at Optoma EMEA said: “Up until now, if a customer wanted to achieve this level of performance and flexibility, they would be looking at an exchangeable lens projector with the extra expense of the lens. This can be an unnecessary expense, where the flexibility to change lenses is not required once installed. We wanted to offer a range of products with the high brightness usually associated with exchangeable lens projectors, keeping the features, but without the cost. Now with the short throw option, the 515 series offers this.”

The new short throw models join their standard throw counterparts in the 515 range which include WUXGA, Full HD 1080p, WXGA and XGA resolutions (WU515, WU515T and EH515, EH515T (throw ratio 1.2~2.16:1), W515 and W515T (throw ratio 1.26~2.27:1) and X515 (throw ratio 1.24~2.24:1)).

Detailed specification sheets for the new WU515TST, WU515ST, EH515TST, EH515ST and W515ST ProScene projectors, together with brochures and images can be downloaded from www.optoma.co.uk